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During the next few weeks, months or years I plan to share one of the most rewarding experiences a vintage motorcyclist can share. TheT500vjt restoration of a classic vintage motorcycle. That fact that you are reading this means you know this isn't going to be a Harley. I plan to restore a 1966 T20 Suzuki to as close to perfect as I can. I've been accused of over restoring my bikes, to this  I answer tough cookies. If the workers in Japan had the time I feel they would have done it like I have. I find it hard to stop polishing the aluminum cases until they shine like chrome, my painter would never mix up a patch of cheap paint and spray it on as fast as possible and my upholster just plain wouldn't do it wrong. I welcome constructive criticism. I don't need the I can do it better-buy it cheaper crap. I welcome the I did it this way-I have a part for sale-why did you do it this way help. I once restored an automobile, I use restored lightly here, it was a '79 Buick wagon. I had much wanted and unwanted help from a neighbor. It finally got to the point that I was not looking forward to his help or advice anymore. One day while he was assessing something I had just done I went to the glove box and opened it up, reached in and took out the registration, looked at it. He looked up and asked what I was doing. I told him I was just checking to see if my name was still on the papers. This is just to remind everybody that when you own it you can make it anyway you like. This is my way.255t

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