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Subject: Projects and History
     I had never been interested in old bikes before an enthusiast began working at the same shop that I work. At first I openly scoffed at his obsession. Now, he frequently razzes the #@$%&  out of me, reminding me of all my MIA/POW projects. I knew from the first innocent purchase until now that not only would I not WANT to spend a lot of time on these things (because I do it 40 hours/week already) but also that I would not HAVE a lot of time to (because I like the rest of my free time with outdoor stuff, riding, racing, etc.). It's a good thing that I don't drink, because before this vintage bike thing, I never saw any evidence of an addictive personality in myself. As it turns out, It has been worth it. I've learned a great deal, made some money to help pay for the projects that I intend to keep, and have had some fun. Also, you meet some real characters in this hobby. I'm beginning to get my head on straighter lately. Lately, I only want to allow myself the '72 Buffalo, because it's so cool and accommodates my six foot frame better than anything else I own, the '69 H1, because of what it represents and that it is a project still in the black, i.e. paid for itself. The '70 A7SS is up in the air, whether I like it when I finally get to ride it, how much I could get for it if I did sell it, etc. The Titan will be sold. It is fun to ride, well-mannered enough and nice to look at. BUT, without a garage, only a shed, and limited funds I must draw the line. So, as soon as the 750 is finished... The '71 G3SS- cheap and unassuming enough, it will be an acceptable, complete, and running unit soon for a pittance. It can hang out or go sell itself if it wants, I don't mind right now. The 400F. The bike that, when I purchased it, seemed as harmless as it was ugly. Why, even out of impound the registration was still good and the bike ran. Black paint everywhere. Frankenstein Brand exhaust. A three-page list of previous owners. Small wonder. Since, my tally has surpassed $1200. Additional parts bike. Some attractive used cosmetics. New fork seals, dust covers, carb rebuild kits, air box and inlet ducts, air filter element, handlebars, front tire... Calgon, take me away! It was like rescuing Carrie from the prom. Now, 80% finished and often moving backward, it has been my only vintage bike regret. I'll elaborate on my other projects soon. Thanks for listening, BP

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