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Essen "First Classic day". August 15th, 1999

                                       Johnny and I met at Venlo, close to Philips city Eindhoven.
                                           We had both driven some 130 km up to that point.
                                   After a short talk we drove up to Essen, where we met Axel from K.

                         The event was great! Lots of SOHC/4 (mainly), but also kawa triple, Yamaha XS650 and others.

           A Tamya CB750K0 molded model kit was sold for 300DM (around US$ 150). We spoke to that guy; he was happy he had found it.

                                             On the way back we had some showers.......

                                             Next week we will meet again, at the WER.

                                                     Next some pictures.....

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