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If you have pictures of your bikes that you would like to display or even pictures of your shop, back yard or something else around your home just put some motorcycles or something motorcycle related in some shots and send then in for submission. You can E-mail as well as send photographs to us at:
         Postal mail: Smoke Riders Association
                               7245 S. 76th St. #126
                               Franklin, Wisconsin 53132

If you scan pictures for e-mail please scan at a good dpi. I find that it works best to scan at 200- 300 dpi., but most importantly scan them anyway you can and e-mail them in or send by postal carrier. No matter how you get them here it is appreciated if you can include descriptions & information about the photos, the history, or stories.

Thank you for visiting, your participation is welcomed and very much appreciated.
Leave 'em in your Smoke!
Smokin Paul
Smoke Riders Association