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OK, you asked for it.....
No pictures scanned yet of the bike, but I plan on gettin' it done this week.   (Click to go to Kal's Owners Page)

     Now for some history...

This bike sat in my brother-in-laws garage for I don't know how many years.  He is a logger and the bike was taken in trade for services. Three years ago, I got "downsized" and took some free computer courses to help me "re-enter the workforce".  The courses were a long way from home and my active little imagination came up with a plan. I asked my sister if I could buy the bike, fix it up, and use it to go to school.  (Gas mileage has got to be better, right?)  Her hubby said if I could get it running, he'd just sign it over to me!

So, being an unemployed maintenance man,(read that as compulsive fixer-upper...), my pride was on the line.  So after hosing the beast down(lot of bird nests in that garage), draining all the fluids, re-building the carbs(floats were shot), new points, plugs,and battery, I was ready to fire it up. No go....check the timing.  Timing is set almost exactly 180 degrees off. So I tear into the thing and find that little woodruff key on the crank has sheared and spun.  You ever try to find a metric woodruff? I bought the closest size I could find and got to work with a file.  That did the trick. The frame and chrome are pitted, but the tank, fairing(after market), and seat cleaned up nicely. I've been riding the beast to work and cruising as many decent days as I can here in Western Pa.  I love it.

   But, I've only got one small problem. You see, I weigh about 120 dripping wet after a big meal and the bike outweighs me 8x. Combine that with the seat height and short legs.....hey, as long as its moving, I can ride with the best of them!  Which is why I'm selling it....I'm buyin' a Kaw XL600 Eliminator that's better suited to my size and speed requirements. The ol' Water Buffalo has got me hooked on speed, go figure......  Rather than sell it in the local paper, I wanted someone who would appreciate this fine beast. You can't kill one of these bikes I've been told and I believe it! (Remind me someday to tell you about the six point buck that jumped on the front fender as I was cruising one night....)

So I got on the 'puter and after searching through Hotbot for Suzuki GT750, I found your site. I love it.
So, in a nutshell, thats my intro....I'll be writin' more later.
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