Smoke Riders Come to the rescue!
Poof went the part, and out went the call. Who you going to call?  the Smoke Riders!
Smokin Paul & son race over on the GT750 smoke buster after getting an urgent call from Ken Solar.
Smokin Paul wiring in a Chrysler CDI in place of the standard PEI (Pointless Electronic Ignition) .


Photo by Smokin Devin
Ken explained that the PEI ignition module had gone up in smoke while he was installing it in Dean's, a WBS member, GT500. Dean said it was a spectacular event, like the 4th of July.  Unfortunately it cost Dean over $250 at our local dealer.  Ken did not want to buy him another one so he asked me if the old one was repairable. As funny as that sounds when they are not totally burnt up you can remove the epoxy encasement using solvents.  If you are careful its possible to get to the individual components to determine exactly what they are and copy the circuit.  This unit literally burned to a charred cinder so there was no possibility of repair. Ken is a Chrysler car collector so I suggested he use a Chrysler CDI to repair the GT500 ignition. After explaining how to do it I was greeted by a blank stare. So I drew a diagram with explanations for him to follow and left him to the work at hand. The very next day Ken called with even more urgency in his voice asking for more assistance.  My son and I grabbed our tools, hopped on our alternate smoke buster T500 and raced over to give Dean's GT500 a CDI transplant. :-)  I find that most people are not very familiar with electronics and or electrical wiring especially when things get a little complicated. So a complete how to guide for using a Chrysler CDI in place of a PEI or standard points ignition system will be posted this summer 2004.  Until then, Leave 'em in your Smoke!