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water buffalo song
Funny :-)

Waterbuffalo Society of GT750 Suzuki Kawasaki Yamaha two strokes, 2strokes
Suzuki GT750 Water Buffalo Society of Smoke Riders Association, two strokes, 2strokes, motorcycles

     This site created for the Smoke Riders & our associate members. If you are a Two-Stroke Lover, Fighter or just like motorcycles then check us out and consider joining. Have pictures, info or a good story you would like to share with the rest of your brethren? Genuine participation is what it's all about. Introduce yourself and lets get acquainted.
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It does not matter what motorcycle you ride, only that you do ride a motorcycle.
Below is an email I recieved that I wish to share.

       It is a real shame that some motorcyclists have to feel that they are superior to other fellow cyclists because of the type, brand, whatever they choose to ride.  Different types of bikes tend to attract certain riders with similar outlooks, likes and dislikes.  Birds of a feather flock together, but that doesn't explain or justify the insults. I have to confess that when  the last couple of H____y bashes were raging I smiled and giggled to myself. Some of the zinging from time to time is normal, but I have seen bikes damaged and individuals hurt when it goes too far. That is a real shame.  GoldWing riders, Beemer riders, Duck riders, Harley riders, Two Stroke riders, Road Racer riders, and UJMC riders (yeah!) all ride cycles because we want to not because we have to.  I will qualify the "have to" a bit, once you are a bike junkie you HAVE to to keep your addiction going or suffer withdrawal symptoms. We have enough problems with others trying to "regulate" us without understanding what the real issues are.
       As far as I am concerned, ride what you want.  I enjoy seeing people having a good time being "one with their bike".
       Ben Kirk

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Smokin Paul,
Your web page is super!  It is by far the best effort I've seen on Vintage Japanese bikes.  Way to go! I think the area on tech tips is also helpful.  Again I would like to say, Your web page is super! It is by far the best effort I have seen. 
Way to go! 
Ray Meyers

WOW, I'm impressed, what an excellent web site.
Kenneth Fisher

Thank you very much, glad you like it.
Smokin Paul

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