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     Welcome to the Smoke Riders Paintball Network.
This web site is for Mid West paintballers and also to view the pictures that I & others take. With the participation of all you great paintball comrades we are growing into a bigger, better Paintball meeting place/information exchange. This is our cyber club house where you can reflect on past games, plan future events, browse its contents and enjoy the conversations.
     Make the Smokin Paintball Network your firebase to launch more paintball fun than you ever thought possible.

   Will be at Paintball Sam's Big Game on Saturday and probably Sunday too unless I go to the Slimy Crud's Motorcycle Run

   Saturday Oct 5th & 6th is Paintball Sam's Big Game II 2002 FREE Entry!

   If I don't see you there I'll shoot you later. :-)

   My secret project is done, its a wireless video gun camera. I still do not have a camcorder yet to record the action with and the one I rented does not have video inputs. Wisconsin Audio Visual gave me the wrong one after I repeatedly ask for the one with the inputs. They claimed it was the same one they rented to me in the past. in fact it looked the same till I got home. It had no inputs and was a slightly different model. :-( Well I guess things happen but I so much wanted to get some good video for you all, especially the cheaters. We are going to narrate the video of the cheaters like the Crocodile Hunter show. Crykie its a cheater! Looks like were going to do a head shot on this one, hahaha. :-) Smokin Paul
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Leave 'em in your Smoke!
 Smokin Paul

Sniper M3L Argo-class Light Tank Gun Runner Brendon
Kieth holding M98 sniper gun Air Cannon
Cute Babe

    Some pictures from Paintball Sam's Big Game I  May 4th & 5th, 2002
    Lower left; Kieth holding his sniper Tippmann 98 w/Flatline barrel & Scope
    Middle top; The Tank is an M3L Argo-class Light Tank "Stuart Little" built by Stone Gryphon Studio of Fairchild, WI www.stonegryphon.com. The Crew (left to right) Todd Meyer (in tank), Troy Buddenhagen, Troy Dement, & Brad Cripe.

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    If you would like to come play paintball or wish to come as my guest to Promised Land you can contact me,
    Smokin Paul
    E-mail:  Paintball@SmokeRiders.com

    If you have your own paintball pictures that you would like to share or have displayed on the Smoke Riders Paintball Network just let me know.
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  • Leave 'em in your Smoke!
    Smokin Paul
Feed your Habit
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