Greetings, Smokin Paul here, coming to you live from Milwaukee Wisconsin our midwest center point of reference. If you do not see your field here please let me know so I can see it gets represented. 

Paintball Field Pictures, Information & Reviews

I used to live in Southern California and while I miss it I have to say all the green trees and bushes up here in the midwest makes for some very fun and interesting paintball. I try and take a few pictures everytime I play but I cannot be everywhere.  If you have your own pictures please share them with us.  You can email them or better yet FTP them here. I'll add them to the web site with credits to you.
FTP means "File Transfer Protocol".  A fancy word for something very easy. Just go to our FTP incoming folder
Now just drag and drop your files into this incoming folder. It does not get any simpler than that.
You can also upload your pictures directly via the Smokin Paintball Players Area. The only limit here is they will need to be smaller than 300k in size. The JPG format is best for most pictures but you are free to upload in a variety of formats.
Thanks & leave 'em in your Smoke!
Smokin Paul
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